Week #2

I have analysed and made a better content now which got better response than my previous videos.

1.The giveaway increased my participation after I changed it to #BakchodSquad though I dint find the word in order to derive a grammar for my audience.

2. I analysed that the division which I made for my videos i.e Personal Story and Related Points is applicable for specific platforms. Personal story with more detailing on Youtube are performing much better than Related Points one due to lesser duration and vice versa. To explain this I can say that on Facebook people are getting loads of information and entertainment from friends and thus a smaller video would be great as the are not entirely for the video here on the other hand when someone comes on Youtube, he has made up his mind to watch only videos, so in this case he/she needs longer videos.

3.The idea of introducing a new character is still neutral in the mind of people, lets see in how much time people absorb its presence.

The current scenario is I am trying to build audience organically as I have stopped every paid campaign except for a viral video campaign on Facebook which has a cost of 0.01 Rs per view which is next to nil and on top of that its fetching me 50 people everyday on Youtube.

Now the problem is as I have stopped Adwords and facebook ads[Except Viral One] I dont have much exposure to the videos. Now the only way people can find it is by word of mouth or discovering it on Youtube. As I cant control the word of mouth thing, I would rather focus on getting discovered.

To get discovered I need traffic source from 1.Browser Feature- Home, Subscriptions 2.Suggested Videos 3.Search

These are the main sources from which I am getting views, and these sources are fucking organic. I need a strategy to optimise my organic reach on Youtube. Since Browser feature(Recommended) and Suggested Views are in my hand, I could dominate it by getting a better watch time. Which can be done by getting views with proper retention and engagement, which basically means better content. I need the content to be improvised and improvised as long as my watch time increases. Last but now the least, I realised that every successful channel has an individuality in their thumbnail. They have different style and way of orientation, so I would make new ones for all the videos. And just to have a better mood while making these, I wont look at the numbers of likes, followers, views etc. Interaction with people who comment will be my first priority. My Content and audience’s views.


  1. One Video a Week (Saturday 8pm)
  2. Longer and Retention Oriented Content (10+ min if possible)
  3. Thumbnail makeover
  4. Facebook post pics, videos and links without boost.
  5. Starting a new comics series of regular stuff for Facebook page.

Week #1


  1. Do a giveaway with the hashtag #BakchodSquad and reward the best 10 bakchod comments which get the maximum likes within a day. Announce the result when the next video releases.
  2. Divide the videos into two types on i.Personal Story ii.Relatable Points
  3. Use different background effects to highlight narration for various instances during narration.
  4. Change background music according to the video topic.
  5. More detailing in stories.
  6. Introducing a new charater in the video ‘Dr Muth Man’


  1. Bhai Virgin Hai Episode 4: Escaping Friendzone

I would talk about the result of giveaway later coz its not even been a day I have uploaded the video. but yeah the idea of introducing a new charater has a neutral response, it din perform as well as I thought. Need to work on the character and when to include it. Would try to introduce the new narration and effects in the next video. Thats it for now.

Update: I realised why my videos are under rated on Youtube. The videos which I make were very short and precise, there was not detailing. This type of video would be efficient for Facebook and it did too, I had two viral videos on Facebook which helped me build up my Facebook audience but, on the other hand these videos weren’t effective on Youtube. Youtube wants a bigger video which can increase watch time, so finally when I realised the importance of both the platforms it time to prepare for the Youtube Strategy!

A good example for this is Bollywood Classroom which has more audience on Facebook than Youtube.


Ek Awkaward Din ft.Bakchod Launda


Kite: The Sad Story ft.Bakchod Launda


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